If your church is looking to expand, consider a steel building

Having an increasing attendance at your weekly or biweekly sermon at your church is a great thing on most accounts but after a certain point you might start to run into problems with being able to fit everyone inside of the building comfortably while still being within all of the legal restrictions and maximum occupancy laws. If you expect your church attendance to stay high or to increase even further, it is important that you find a solution for expanding so that you are not putting the safety of your members at risk.

What kind of expansion will work best for your church will of course be dependent on a number of factors. First of all, you and the other member of the church need to figure out if you want to go ahead and build a whole new building or if a simple expansion will do the trick. If the rest of your church buildings are still in pretty good shape, a basic addition might be the most reasonable most cost effective option.

While it is of course a possibility to go ahead and just add on with the building materials that your current building is made out of, this might be an unnecessary cost and hassle. One of the best ways to add on to your current building is to use a metal building add on. Metal building add ons are incredibly simple and inexpensive so you can build up everything that you would like for your church quickly and easily. After all, building with steel is only a fraction of both the time and the costs that would go into a wood add on and it can look just as nice. There are so many options now with metal buildings and all fo the customization options that are available to add in as many windows as you would like or even adding a faux covering to the walls so that the outside looks like brick, stone, wood or whatever else so that it blends perfectly to the building that you already have.

When you go with a steel building or add on for your church, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal for your money so that you can spend your limited cash flow on more important things for your community. After all, churches have a lot of responsibilities to their community and so you want to make sure that you are not spending too much money on things for yourself. With steel buildings you can be sure that you are getting something that is reasonably priced but also incredibly strong and durable so it will last for decades upon decades to come. Steel buildings need almost nothing to be done to them after they are built so there is no additional money or effort that needs to go into the building. Since steel is almost indestructible, you can also be sure that it will be safe and secure for all of the members of your church so that you have nothing left to worry about.

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Steel buildings provide many beneficial characteristics.

Anthem Steel is one of the fastest growing and most well respected steel and metal building contractors in the world. They strive to provide top quality steel and metal building systems as well as excellent customer service. The demand for pre fabricated steel building systems is higher than ever now that everyone has come to realize how durable and versatile these systems can be. Anthem Steel has become one of the leaders in the pre engineered steel and metal building industry in America. Their dedicated team of experts can help you to tackle any type of construction project, big or small. All of their steel and metal building systems are custom designed and engineered to meet the needs of your project and your space. Additionally, Anthem Steel has contractors all over the country so that you can work with someone locally, and not just over the phone. You can get the one on one attention and service that you need while still having access to a wide network of products and services. Below is a list of some of the many advantages to choosing Anthem Steel to help you complete your next big, or small, construction project.

1. Durability

Steel is one of the strongest and most durable construction materials in the world. All of Anthem Steel’s products are constructed using commercial strength materials to ensure that your structure will last the test of time and be able to withstand pressure from the elements. All of Anthem Steel’s steel and metal building systems also come with a fifty year structural warranty.

2. Low maintenance

With steel and metal buildings there is no need for painting, staining, or waterproofing, unlike other more traditional construction materials. This means that your metal or steel building is virtually maintenance free. Additionally, all of Anthem Steel’s buildings are constructed using tight building connections in order to ensure a safe and secure structure.

3. Energy efficient

All of Anthem Steel’s metal and steel building systems are insulated to improve energy efficiency. This can help to cut down on monthly energy costs as well as giving you peace of mind knowing that you are being kind to your mother earth.

4. Custom deigned and engineered

Anthem Steel’s pre fabricated steel and metal building systems are custom designed and engineered to meet the specific needs of each of their clients. Anthem Steel’s professional and dedicated team can help to design the perfect building for your project, from a small garage to a large warehouse, Anthem Steel can do it all.

5. Expandable

If you find that your business is growing out of its original Anthem Steel building, not to worry. All of Anthem Steel’s building systems are designed for easy expansion whenever the time may come.

6. Saves you time

The pre fabricated nature of Anthem Steel’s steel and metal building systems means that they are designed to be easy to construct. An Anthem Steel building can be constructed in half the time required to construct a project of the same size using traditional construction materials.

You Might Consider Metal Storage Units For a Second Business

Now that you are retired, you are considering having your own business and you keep thinking about opening a storage business. Storage units are in demand in the area that you live in and after some research you decide to buy some property where you can build your storage units. You find a piece of property that you think would be a good area to have your business and you purchase the property. You decide that your next step is to find a builder and go over your plans with him. You have been referred to a builder by a good friend so after contacting him, you decide to meet with him over lunch and go from there. You talk to him about the kind of units that you are thinking of and he tells you all about Capital Steel metal buildings and the quality products that they have. He lets you know that he is a contractor with them. He also tells you about all the advantages of using this company and about the great reputation that they have. He advices you to go online when you get home and read about them. After doing just that, you agree that this is the route that you should take and you meet with the builder again. He shows you all of your options with storage unit buildings and lets you take it home to decide which would be the best ones for you.

You meet with the builder again and show him the ones that you think would work best. He then tells you that he will be getting the engineered drawn plans and go from there. He takes the specifications of the property and meets with the architect. After the plans are drawn and the building is ready to begin, you are anxious to see the project go up from start to finish. You go and watch it being constructed each day. As each metal building goes up, you feel a sense of accomplishment as you watch your new business go up before your eyes. You are very happy as you see the quality product that they have and realize how sturdy and durable these units are. This makes you feel secure and confident in the building of these units and you realize that you will be in the business to help others store their belongings temporarily and you want to make sure that their belongs are safe and completely free from the elements. You feel confident knowing that they will be safe and free from water damage from rain or snow melting. These units will be air tight and no one renting one of these units will need to worry about anything happening to their things. You also realize that they will be free from wind damage to these sturdy metal units or any other kind of destructive weather. You also know that your reputation will be good after your customers tell others about their positive experience while using your storage rental units.

Eco-friendly benefits of metal building

Steel buildings are the way to go these days. Building with steel when building a structure is becoming a great benefit and known as a great way to build when you want to have a structure that is built for strength and for many other benefits. What many people may not also realizes that there are many eco-friendly benefits that you have any steel building. Being able to have a building that is going to give you added strength benefits and qualities will be able to give you an opportunity to have something truly unique you can count on. On top of all of that you also get the eco-friendly building and structure that you may have been looking for.

By being able to have something that is 100% recyclable comes from using a vast amount of recycled materials already and has the ability to last extremely long amounts of time means that you’re getting something that will truly make an impact on the environment today.

There are hardly as many materials as recyclable as steel. Steel holds value and that means that that value is worth something in the end. Is damaged as steel could possibly get it will still have value to it because it is 100% recyclable. Being able to have that recyclability in your metal building gives you the options that you need to be able to know that the value will never go away. Because of the value of steel has recyclability it also means that if a building ever needs to be torn down it can be completely recycled rather than end up in the landfills. This allows for that eco-friendly structure that you may have been looking for. All these added benefits give steel buildings the best choice in building materials structures today. May make a very small impact on the environment and have the ability to be reused again and again without ever losing any of their strength properties. With so many businesses knowing the importance of being able to go green today it is important that you know that this is the benefit you get when you go with anthem steel to help you get the project underway for your next structure. They will live you to get the metal building that you are looking to do and make it integrality for you.

Anthem steel will help you get what you need and you’ll build to benefit from all the eco-friendly benefits and the ability to go green without having to sacrifice any of the benefits of the structure. In fact you get added strength more opportunity and a better quality in design when you choose to build with steel. All the benefits of a metal building are eco-friendliness as well as they make it the perfect building material choice for anyone today.  Make the right decision for the environment and you and build with steel and let Anthem steel help answer your questions and concerns and get you started today in building your structurally strong and eco-friendly building.

General Steel is your choice for steel buildings because of their transparency.

No matter what task you are looking to accomplish, a trusting, transparent company is always the best choice to help you get there.  Some companies, for example, may offer services at an incredibly inexpensive rate.  However, once you start working with them, you will begin to realize why they cost a fraction of their competition.  A transparent company has nothing to hide, so they don’t.  In the world of prefabricated steel buildings, General Steel is such a company. 

General Steel is a supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings, and they are the best in the business.  It is not only the long list of major companies that have come to them time and time again for their prefabricated steel building needs (NASA, GM, etc.), it is the transparency of what they do.  First and foremost, General Steel will offer you a free quote.  Any company that is willing to do this is obviously confident in their work.  Also, General Steel has dozens of very large contracts.  They already have the name recognition, so they don’t have to offer anything for free.  Yet, they do.  You tell them the type of project you are working on, the type or types of steel building you are looking to purchase, and when you need the project done by, and they will give you a free quote on the project.  You do not have to worry about hidden costs or fees because they are upfront with you from the start.

Another aspect in which General Steel is transparent is in their building warranties.  Companies who are not confident in their product do not offer substantial warranties.  This is clearly not the case with General Steel.  They offer a 50 year steel building warranty for any structural issues.  That is a very long time.  They also offer numerous warranties for other aspects of the building, so virtually the entire building is protected for several decades.  And because they are such a well-known and respected community, you know you can count on them to still be around in a century.

Throughout their website, and on one specific page, there are project testimonials from people who chose General Steel and were not disappointed.  I have read testimonials from lots of other sites, and sometimes it can be hard to believe them.  However, with General Steel the testimonials feel authentic and genuine.  And once you start looking through their portfolio at all of the projects they have worked on over the last two decades, you understand why that is so.  They have dozens and dozens of pictures of the different types of projects they are capable of completing.  Companies that are willing to show off their work like this have nothing to hide.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a prefabricated metal building, you must go with General Steel.  The transparency of the work they do, the warranties that they offer, and the quality of craftsmanship that they offer are all unparalleled.  If you still aren’t sure, at least call them and get a free estimate!

With A Steel Building, Square Footage Is Money

We should all be concerned about value when it comes to anything in this life, especially if we’re spending our hard-earned money on something. There’s all kinds of ways to quantify value and in different industries, it looks a little different. In the retail business, for example, there’s a formula for the amount of available square footage of shelf space, and how much money something taking up that space has to generate in order for it to remain on the shelf. The shelves in these large retail stores are over six feet tall and there’s a total amount of tallied space that they have to maximize, that’s the name of the game. They say that time is money, well square footage is money too and depending on the business you’re in, being able to fully utilize your facility’s space is an important piece to making it all work. This is especially important in the  supplying business where a lot of planning goes into what expensive and heavy machinery is going to go where, and the size of the building purchased is determined by exactly how much space is needed. When you truly break down the cost of running a business that deals with a supplying facility, the goal is to maximize time, space and resources. You may know that you’re going to buy a steel building, but you’re going to need to know whether or not you’re going to need to spend extra for the rigid frame or the arch-style.

A rigid frame has 90 degree corners where the walls and floor and ceilings meet, arched steel buildings don’t. Because the arch-style is designed like a big half circle, from wall to wall, the amount of lateral space is restricted based on how far you are from the wall. Inside a rigid building, a machine that needs 20 feet worth of height clearance can literally be placed up against the wall, this isn’t possible with an arch-style frame. You may live out in the middle of nowhere and the price of the building and space isn’t that big of a deal to you, but in tight industrial parts of the city, that space can be infinitely more important. Either way, if you need open floor space and ceilings high enough to do the work that you need to, prefabricated steel is the only way to go. They’re not just for industrial purposes either, a lot of professional commercial building spaces are located between the four walls and ceiling provided by a metal building. The interior of a steel building can be built using the same materials that are used in any other commercial application, so it feels like a completely normal working space. There are a lot of options for the exterior of these buildings as well that provide a very modern and aesthetically pleasing look. Many call centers and other large companies in need of a lot of office floor space, end up setting up shop inside a large steel building, and then have the inside finished accordingly.

6 Most Common Types of Steel Buildings

When people hear about steel buildings, they often think about the Willis Towers or the Empire State Building. But steel has a lot of other uses aside from being the preferred material for world famous skyscrapers. Steel is very flexible and durable, which why it is easy to form into different building types. Companies like Anthem Steel specialize in customizable pre-engineered steel buildings. Here are some of the most common types of metal buildings.


Steel is a very flexible and durable material, making it perfect even for garages. Strength is one of the main reasons why steel is an excellent choice for building a garage. It allows homeowners to be worry-free of intrusions or break-ins in their garage. It can easily be designed to fit the exterior design of a home.


Constructing huge buildings entail high costs and steel is an excellent, cost-efficient alternative. Being cheaper than stone, brick, or wood, steel can meet the size needed by a church while keeping expenses comparatively low. Moreover, steel is practically maintenance free. It can save a church costly renovation and maintenance.

Steel is not only used to build new churches. Because of its flexibility, it is also often used for expansion. Prefabricated steel is a common choice because it is fast to build with.


Storage is the most common use for steel buildings. Having a wide floor space allows equipment to maneuver easily. Being very strong, steel can support clear spans up to 300 feet wide and unlimited length. Steel is also resistant to molds and fungus because it is inorganic and does not retain moist, making it ideal even for the storage of organic products.

Barns and agricultural buildings

Barns made of wood may be cheaper but steel will be more cost-efficient in the long run. First, it is more durable so it can resist strong winds even if it is built in wide open spaces. Second, it resists termites and decay. Moreover, steel is fire resistant so it is cheaper to insure. It can also be repurposed for other uses if a barn or agricultural building has to be demolished.

Aircraft hangar

Protecting aircraft from the elements require huge spaces. The strength of steel has made it a standard material for the construction of airplane hangars. Steel hangars are easy and quick to build. They can also be extended if there is need for more room.

Sometimes, the need for a new hangar can be unforeseen (probably because of the purchase of a new aircraft). Prefabricated steel can streamline the construction time to meet the urgent need for a hangar.

Architectural masterpieces

Some of today’s most dazzling buildings are made from steel. Being highly flexible, steel can easily be fashioned to allow architects to express their creativity. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in Springfield Virginia, the UC Berkeley California Memorial Stadium Press Box in Berkeley, California, and the Lee Hall III – Clemson University, in Clemson, S.C. are just few of the most artistically inspired structures of today and they are all made of steel.


Pre-made Warehouse Buildings by General Steel


By having a steel building constructed one can enjoy a high degree of security, this is backed up by the testimonials given about companies such as General Steel. These companies really go the extra mile in order to ensure that you have a building which is dependable, and very much worth the money you invest. Looking at the consumer reviews of such structures is very important, and should ensure that you are able to go ahead and create something truly remarkable if you are in the market. Taking the time to figure out exactly what it will take to construct one of these buildings might seem like a headache, but it is a fairly quick process. Most of the heavy lifting will be done by the company itself, so do not worry too much about it.

Figuring out exactly what your needs are before you purchase one of these buildings would be a very good idea, so do not just buy one on a whim. In no time at all you should be able to create something of value out of the situation, but only if you take the right amount of time necessary to do so. Making sure that you have the right type of agreement in place concerning any sort of defect that might come up with the building is also very important. So, make sure that if you should encounter any structural or construction issues with the building that you are covered against having to pay for it yourself.

If you are looking for a good steel construction company, you want to hire someone who has been in the industry for years. You want someone who cares about you and your wellbeing. This means that you need a company that doesn’t just care about making a profit – they care about helping your business flourish. This might be difficult for you to find, but it is very reasonable to find still. You can have a company that cares and will give you everything you need with the right efforts. You might not have to look too hard though because General Steel is one of the best companies with reliability and their prices are affordable for business owners. You never have to worry about having someone who doesn’t care when you have them around building your metal building. They believe that providing the utmost satisfaction is important and if they aren’t achieving that, they will continue to strive for it until they do. It you have additional questions or concerns, just contact them today and they will be glad to answer all of your questions. You are a valued customer and they are willing to show you at any cost – even if it means taking several hours to answer all of your questions. With a company like this, you cannot go wrong with their design schemes. They will work closely with you at all times and you will feel involved with the project, which is vital for a businessperson to feel included in their own project.

Getting the Best From General Steel is Easy

I’m going to discuss something with you all today that you probably haven’t thought that much about. You drive by them (in one way, shape or form) probably everyday and it’s possible that you may even work inside of one. I’m not just talking about buildings in general, more specifically, I’m talking about buildings constructed from prefabricated steel. One thing that you may have thought about recently though, is green and sustainable design and steel is a very green product. In fact, it’s one of the original green products and was being recycled before anyone really even cared about recycling. Steel is a valuable commodity and it doesn’t make much sense to toss it away, so because it’s often profitable, it’s scrapped and recycled for cash. Six old cars can actually produce enough steel to make a 2,000 square foot building. So with a material that can be melted down and forged into something completely different, it only makes sense to reuse it, especially if it doesn’t mean anything to you otherwise. I don’t imagine that anyone reading this is sitting on a pile of steel, but if you are and you need some money then it sounds to me like you have the means to get yourself some. Look up your local steel recycler and haul all of your stuff down to them so they can weigh it, then they’ll pay you out in cash in most cases. Then, who knows what will become of the steel, but you’ll get paid and maybe one day you’ll walk into a brand new steel building and have no idea that part or all of it was made from your contribution.

Steel and metal buildings are very important to a lot of business in a lot of industries. Over 60% of the metal buildings in use have been made with 100% recycled material, and the more time that passes that percentage will likely increase. Steel doesn’t come out of nowhere, it’s made from iron mined from the earth. Mining anything is often a very costly and dangerous thing to do, so it’s important to make the most of it once it’s taken from the earth. I see bums walking down the alleys of the city everyday rummaging through garbage in the dumpsters looking for aluminum cans. They do this because they get paid cash when they take in the aluminum cans to the recycler. The same things happens a little higher on the socioeconomic scale with people and their old junk, as they see it. It may be old, rusty, heavy and completely inoperable but no matter what it is, if it’s made out of steel then it’s worth something. The average metal building is made from all kinds of different things, many objects that existed in a different form used for other purposes before becoming a structural beam in a prefabricated building. It would be interesting to follow the lifecycle of a steel mining cart used in the 1800s through it’s many lives as different but useful objects, and then see where and what it is now.

General Steel Stands Up for You and Your Needs

When buying a steel building, it is important to shop around. You will like be spending a lot of money on a steel building, so you must take your time and research steel building suppliers that have a good reputation for their products.

One way to identify a good steel building retailer is to find out if they offer any discounts with their steel buildings. Steel building retailers who are not operating at a loss will be able to offer generous discounts to their new customers. If you are working with a company that does not offer discounts on their steel buildings, you should assume they do not have a good reputation with their customers and probably do not have the cash available to offer discounts.

Major corporations like General Steel that have been in business for years have a great reputation and cash flow that allows them to offer discounts on their steel buildings. Not only can they offer a discount on the products you are buying, but they will also offer you a building project manager at no cost. They care about their customers and want to ensure their customers are satisfied with their steel buildings during every step of the way.

When you set out to buy a steel building from any retailer, make sure they are offering you factory prices and ask about any incentives you have to shop with them. Again, if they are not operating at a loss and are truly interested in your business, they will be able to offer you a discount.

Littleton, Colorado’s steel retailing company General Steel has come up in the news again this month. Where most consumers would think the company is in the news for negative things, they have been seen in the paper and on television for helping churches and faith groups in Colorado and Wyoming.

General Steel recently launched a companywide initiative to start helping with different church organizations in Colorado and parts of Wyoming. The company’s lead salespeople started to notice a decline in sales to church groups and began calling their former customers to find out exactly why. Upon a little research, the sales team was able to identify that church groups and faith based organizations were having to make budget cuts to be able to continue to operate. Much like any organization, churches have been hit very hard by the economy and have had to make sacrifices as a result.

General Steel announced that it would be helping churches in these areas by offering a 25% discount on any steel building, metal building or pre-fabricated building. It is important to keep faith in our communities and if a major corporation like General Steel can do so, why not?

Expand your options and ensure that you know what decision you should make for yourself that is good. Churches deserve a well-build establishment that can also easily be transported from area to the next.